Entrepreneur’s Guide to Intellectual Property – Blog Series: Introduction

By: Paul A. Jones

For many businesses, a well-known, highly respected brand is often the most valuable piece of intellectual property that can be had. Building a powerful brand is, at the end of the day, a function of two things: offering products and/or services that distinguish (in a positive way, of course) the business in the marketplace, and tying those products and services to one or more trademarks widely recognized by the target customers in the market as the source of those products and services.

This upcoming blog series is aimed at removing some of the mystery of intellectual property, and also acting as a primer informing entrepreneurs on branding and trademarks. The next several blogs are designed to help entrepreneurs develop a better understanding of the basics of IP including discussions on the United States patent system, trademarks, copyright law, trade dress and trade secrets.

Stay tuned for day one about the U.S. patent system…

To view the next blog in this series, click here.


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