Big Unicorn Limps to Exit Window

Paul Jones, co-chair of Venture Best, the venture capital practice group at Michael Best, has been selected as a regular contributor of OnRamp Labs, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog covering start-ups and other Wisconsin technology news.

Paul’s most recent contributed piece, “Big Unicorn Limps to Exit Window,” can be found under their Business Tab in the Business Blog section: Click here to view his latest blog.

A short excerpt can be found below:

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about the growing herd of Unicorns wandering about the venture capital landscape. More specifically, when and how were they going to find the exit windows and move on to the real world of public markets and scrutiny? Well, exciting news today: one of the higher profile Unicorns, Square, is going public! And just to make the event even more interesting, it is doing so at a price lower than its last venture round; perhaps even lower (though not by much) than the round before that. And the investors in the last private round have antidilution protection and so will see their own holdings topped off in the IPO. Click here to read the latest entry.


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