The Silver Linings in the Fundraising Cloud

Paul Jones, co-chair of Venture Best, the venture capital practice group at Michael Best, has been selected as a regular contributor of OnRamp Labs, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog covering start-ups and other Wisconsin technology news. Paul’s most recently contributed piece, “The Silver Linings in the Fundraising Cloud” can be found under their Business Tab in the Business Blog section: Click here to view his latest blog.

A short excerpt can be found below:

“Entrepreneurs generally think of fund raising as a real drag. For all but the sainted few, it is a time-consuming distraction from growing the business. A bothersome exercise courting folks who think they are smarter than you are (and sometimes are). And all too often at a time the cash clock is rapidly ticking down to zero.

But it’s not all bad. Really. As dark as the fund raising cloud is, there are several silver linings (besides closing on the capital) that make the process useful, if not pleasant. Herewith a couple of those silver linings.

Click here to read more.


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